This is a place to explore Goddess-based pathways of healing and transformation.
I mainly discuss spiritual approaches to challenges I’ve personally faced such as: chronic ‘invisible’ illness, depression, anxiety, mental illness, obesity, food addiction, body image issues, and breast cancer.

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More than my meatsuit

I remember the day I walked away from the 30-year war against my own body. In the fitting room of a department store, I was confronted by the reflection I usually tried avoid, and the all-too-familiar fear and disappointment bubbled up. I felt completely out of control of my body. I had not chosen to…

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How to stop being angry at your body

It’s so frustrating to have poor health, to be in pain, or to have a body that doesn’t work. I know what it’s like to feel angry with my body. It betrayed me by not allowing me to do the things I wanted to do – even rest comfortably. And I was aware I didn’t…

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How to transmute fear

I awoke in terror. Today was the day of my operation. I shuffled to the kitchen, and in the dim light of the early dawn, I could see an affirmation written in pink glitter pen and stuck to the cold steel of the refrigerator: ‘All is well.’ All was not well – I was gripped…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Andarta. I am devoted to learning to embody Goddess consciousness. In the past few years, I have applied spiritual practices to transforming my health, body and life purpose.
For 30 years I suffered chronic illness, depression, weight woes – and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was my training ground for alchemising life’s difficulties into healing, passion and direction.
Now I am alive with joy and enthusiasm and confident in handling my emotions and following my intuition. The emotional healing techniques I have learned empowered me to overcome food addiction and lose 100lbs (47kgs).
If you relate to any of these struggles, I would love for you to join me here. I’m going to share some ideas that worked for me, and offer you support and encouragement along your journey.